Saturday, July 12, 2008

Warm bread

On a few of the afternoons during the last week, parts of Chennai had the 'showers' - an ominous build-up of dark clouds, threatening a deluge to break all records, followed by gusty winds that chase most of the clouds away. Invariably the clouds, being sore losers, dump some of their content in a quick burst and for about 15 minutes, visibility is down to 20 metres, the bike riders and pedestrians rush to the nearest tree or store-front and wait until the clouds finish their showing-off.

Having a car, I'm luckier and keep going my way. One afternoon, it was still dark as I passed this bakery. Not having much of an overhang, it is not a favoured sheltering place for those caught by the rain. That day, the contrast between it's interiors and the dripping, gloomy street was stark; the brightly lit inside was almost beckoning me to enter and pick up some of the fresh muffins that they normally stock every afternoon. It was tempting; they are really good bakers and I like their products - but the raindrops were large enough to deter me from stopping for them. Still, the memory of the smells and warmth inside the bakery kept me company until I reached my destination!

PS: Magiceye, thank you for the 'Araldite & Ford Cortina' - once I got the word 'Duralite' into my head, I couldn't think of any other brand!


magiceye said...

fresh bread
fresh newsprint
fresh flowers
fresh soil just wet by rain

all aromas that excite!

a pleasure to have jiggled your memory stuck with duralite!

Shantaram said...

>> Magiceye>> Well said! (And who knew that Duralite could be so sticky)