Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Citizens' Run

My first thought on seeing so many people wearing black t-shirts with an 'X' marked on them was, "Oh, another protest march!". Blame it on the political climate in India over the past weekend when everyone seemed to be protesting against everything. But then I kicked myself for not remembering that the 'X' was Roman; it was the 10th year of the Chennai Citizens' Run. I just caught the vanguard of the Run; schoolchildren wearing the t-shirts over their school uniforms and still seeming cool. The celebrities were probably waiting for the sun to go down a bit further before beginning their Run - that makes sense; the early runners can wait in the cool evening to see their heroes, more non-runners will be on the beach and might contribute to the causes supported by the Run. Even though it has been a low key affair since it began in 1996, the Citizens' Run has helped garner support for over 40 Chennai NGOs.

When one thinks about it, Chennai has quite a few runners, though not so many large scale events; apart from this Run, the Chennai Marathon is probably the only other well-publicised running event. However, there are those niche events by smaller groups like the Chennai Runners who had their ECR Run on Sunday (these folks need a daily dose of endorphins: they run at least 5 km every day except Mondays), or the Hash House Harriers - they have both Chennai and Madras versions (well, they do run, even if you think they are more focussed on what happens after the run).

So the next time you see a bunch of people in t-shirts running towards you, don't panic. Move to a side, wave them along, and if you want to be extra careful, hide that bottle of beer!


LVISS said...

Why make these children run in the sun .
so u got rid of that word verification thing.

LVISS said...

Why make these children run in the sun .
so u got rid of that word verification thing.

sreesnake said...

Do ya haveta sai dat twice? Do ya haveta sai dat twice?Tee!he!

Dan said...

This looks like fun. We are all runners in my family. In a few weeks my son directs a race in our community. It is the 3rd Annual McKinney Historical run.

Shantaram said...

>> Ravindran>> Don't know; we were always told it is good for our character. In fact, I remember you telling me that! ;)

>> Sree>> Maybe I should turn on a duplication checker :o

>> Dan>> Chennai's heat does not encourage too many runners - I'd rather go with the Hashers version :)

Will look forward to photographs of the McKinney Historical Run!