Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ready for a ride

Some cities feature them as a tourist attraction. I remember reading about them waiting to take tourists around Central Park in New York City and I am sure some of the other great cities have them too. They probably serve as a reminder of the time when these vehicles were the swankiest transport available. Some other places have them as a viable transport alternative - fuelled by the tourist traffic, but not necessarily an attraction in themselves (think Agra, for example).

Chennai is neither here nor there; horse carriages as taxis probably did not last long enough for folks to start getting nostalgic about them. They were however used by a quite a few - the rich had their own chariot-like pieces, and the common man would share the cramped, roofed carriage. Today, in Chennai as in many other places, horse carriages are used for special occasions - typically, wedding processions. I passed by this one and then pulled over to wait for it; with new upholstery and the horses looking recently groomed, I am sure they had an engagement for the evening.

Neither the horses nor the carriage-man gave me a second glance. But then, none of the other passers-by, either on foot or in vehicles, cared to show any interest in this not-so-usual fellow traveller!


LVISS said...

We travelled a few times by trams that were running in madras. we used to go to school by horse drawn rickshaws , then graduated by going to college by bus. Now the bus stays as stable as ever. Those were the days.

Priyanka Khot said...

Thanks for dropping by. :-)

I love this picture specially because of the contrast that it shows... with the bus and the carriage on the road.

Shantaram said...

>> Ravindran>> Must have been fun - and you must have had the road to yourselves, mostly! :D

>> Priyanka>> Thanks! I'm sure you've figured out it was just luck of the composition!