Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In the bag

Schools in Chennai are set to re-open in early June, after summer break. Several began classes yesterday, and between the 2nd and 16th of June, all of them would be up and running. Those run by the Corporation of Chennai have pushed their start date back by a week, hoping that it will be cooler (okay, make that 'less hot') by June 9.

My son is away visiting my sisters and will be back just the day before his school starts. So here we are, getting stuff ready for him. Decided to pick up his school bag from a 'specialist' store - while this one is normally full of travel / office bags, it is now given over almost entirely to school bags. As you can see, they've got all kinds of pictures on them - Disney stuff, superheroes, Power Rangers..... Ended up picking one that did not have any picture at all. Even if he doesn't like it too much, we hope that he will be mollified that we picked it up from a shop which has his name!


LVISS said...

didnt u owned a mall in roshans name haha,It was a good idea to find his name.

LVISS said...

shd have read i didnt know

Anush said...

Disney stuff, superheroes, Power Rangers.

saar, which world are u in? with the "magic" Mr.Dhoni has created, u shud probably get a backpack of him drinking aavin milk while answering his aircel connection while flipping his Big Bazaar shirt collar while adjusting the time on his Titan watch and admiring his mamaji's hairstyle.

Did i miss somethin?

Shantaram said...

>> Ravindran>> :) as a bonus, got a few book labels - he needn't write his name on them!

>> CB>> Believe the franchises were hedging their bets on merchandising.... well, they now have 320 days to make up - and some middle-of-the-school-year requests lie in wait!