Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lumber yard

Incongruous - a yard that stocks a lot of casuarina poles and quite a few tyres, right on Mount Road, just as you get off the southern end of the Gemini Flyover. Scaffolding may have gone high-tech, with baseplates, transoms and guardrails; but there is still enough demand for the 'traditional' scaffolding within Chennai to justify the presence of this yard.

And yes, the milestone says that Chennai is 5 km away. That actually means 5 km away from 'zero stone', which was near Fort St George, at Parry's Corner. (is the zero stone still standing? - must look that up sometime).

Wonder how much longer this business will go on; casuarina scaffolding is well on the way to joining the Madras Terrace and suchlike classics of yesteryear construction technology - we can see some of the latest being deployed whenever this lumber yard gives way to a new building.


Viswanathan said...

Casuarina poles are used for 'thattis'. A indication of the booming construction activity in Chennai.

BTW, is the zero milestone at Fort St.George?

I remember it as the one you can find at the entrance of the old harbour, smack opposite the war memorial.

Shantaram said...

>> ottayan>> The 'Zero Stone' was not at the Fort itself, but somewhere nearby. If I find out, you will know!