Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Who owns?

There is this rather grand-looking entrance on Perambur High Road which gives off an appearance of not having been used for a few decades. On the left, there is a sign which proclaims Imran Husain as being the owner of this property. While there is no evident counter to that sign, the larger sign on the right talks about M Bilal Husain & Co. No mention of Imran there. And on the gatepost, the name is of M. Nazir Husain, adding to the mystery. 

The logo on the gate follows the larger sign. So at some point, this was unquestionably a key part of MBH & Co. The logo references a cattle hide, so some connection with the leather trade. Backing that up is the presence of a MBH & Co in Guindy, which deals with leather goods. It might not be the same MBH we see here, but the balance of probability goes the other way. 

Sadly, there is not much I have been able to learn about MBH the business, or about the individuals whose names are all seen in the picture. I hope the ownership question gets sorted out soon and the firms can go about their business in peace very soon!


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