Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trophy house

Going along Raja Muthiah Road - earlier known as Sydenhams Road - you find yourself going past the Ripon Building on your left and then, as you continue northwards, you begin to get glimpses of the Jawarhal Nehru Stadium. Almost all sports are possible in this stadium, with its indoor and outdoor facilities. It also houses the offices of almost all sports associations in the state.

It is therefore not surprising that on the opposite side of the road, one gets to see several 'trophy houses'. With the stadium hosting several competitive events at different levels - you could also have your intra-company sports festival here - there is a demand for some kind of recognition for the winners. Cups, trophies, shields or plaques, the vendors along Raja Muthiah Road will be able to give you what you want. 

This building however seems to have taken the idea of trophy house a bit further; rather than the usual depiction of a godly figure - Krishna, Lakshmi or Murugan are the more commonly seen ones - the builder of this house seems to be celebrating sporting success. From its style, I would guess that it pre-dates the stadium - but then, Periamet has been the home of the South Indian Athletic Association for quite a long while, and maybe this house is paying tribute to that tradition, such as it is!

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