Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Setting right?

There have been a couple of news items during the past week about Chennai as a travel destination. One was Lonely Planet putting Chennai into its list of 'Top 10 Cities for 2015'. It was great to see Chennai coming in at number 9 on that list, even if it invited disbelief from many, including resident and non-resident Madrasis

The other, not so flattering appearance, was on the list of 'worst airports'. Especially galling was that it was the third year in a row that Chennai was finding a place, this time as the sole representative from India. This one is more believable for those who use Chennai's airport frequently. Though I have not been involved in any such mishap (or personally know anyone who has been), falling ceiling panes - over 20 times in one year - are not confidence inspiring.

The last time I was at the airport, I found this cherry picker rising up to repair the roof. Hopefully, it will hold up - and get better - so that the cheering crowds coming in to Chennai next year do not have to worry about the sky falling on their heads!

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