Friday, October 31, 2014

Garden house

Walking down Dr Alagappa Chetty Road in Purasaiwalkam, one can't help but notice this manse - well, not a manse in the narrow sense of the word (that refers to a Presbyterian minister's residence), but somehow 'house' seems to be inadequate to describe this property. 

Called Janaka Nivas, it has the name "C. Sampath" on the gatepost. But it appears to be deserted, but in a good way - it promises to be warm and nice smelling - and that was an invitation to take a couple of pictures. But no, it is not deserted. Having seen someone clicking pictures of their house, two ladies threw open a window on the upper floor and let loose a volley of words, which don't lend themselves to easy translation.

Well, it is clear that this house is occupied. And the occupants do not like it being photographed. Yes, I did get the message!

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