Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting away

Mahabalipuram is not far off and it is a good drive; along the East Coast Road, the signs talk about a 'Scenic Drive' - and the toll booth also welcomes you to the "ECR Scenic Beachway". If you are a passenger, good for you, you can enjoy the view. 

But if you are the driver, you had better keep your eyes on the road. Not only is there a lot of traffic on the road, there will likely be a lot of it moving across the road as well!

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Rags said...

It's easy to get copped here for over speeding. I got nailed last week for doing 65 on what looked a lonely stretch worthy of 250 kms/hr . A polite and extremely pleasant traffic seargent - may his tribe increase - fined me the mandatory 300 bucks and after wishing me well for the rest of the day, I crawled back home at a miserable 45 kms/hr..