Sunday, April 27, 2014

Garland street

Even though the last major news agency moved out almost a decade ago, Fleet Street continues to evoke images of the print media, just as Harley Street reminds us about physicians. Are there any similar streets in Chennai? I am not really sure, but Iyya Mudali Street in Chintadripet comes very close. 

Around the temples of Mylapore or Triplicane, it is possible to find several shops that sell a variety of garlands. However, those are just sales outlets. At Iyya Mudali Street, the packed garlands are intended to be despatched elsewhere. You may be able to place an order here, but I doubt if spot sales to walk-in customers are encouraged. The garlands - most of them with some proportion of sandalwood - have been crafted for specific occasions. Almost any commemorative occasion needs the chief guest and a few other dignitaries to be garlanded - and off to Iyya Mudali Street go the organizers. 

There are quite a few other traditional items that are crafted in the shops that line the entrance to this street. Remember the thombais? And the temple umbrellas? Well, you can take a safe bet they were made right here in Chintadripet!

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