Sunday, May 1, 2011

Next clearance

It has been a long while since I had thought of a post-office. And here I am, thinking letters and mailboxes at least once a day over yesterday and today! Last afternoon, it was because my son wanted to post a letter from Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad: they have a special cancellation for letters posted there and he wanted to send one to his school, just to have the postmark.

Today, it turns out that I have to look for a mailbox again, for a different kind of 'posting' - luckily, I had this picture, taken a couple of years ago, and that's turned out to be useful. This one is on Poonamallee High Road and is serviced by the Flowers Road Post Office - or, to use the technically correct status, the Flowers Road Sub-Office (Delivery).

I hope they will still go ahead and make the next clearance at 10.45 am tomorrow, as the window on the mailbox says!

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Ram N said...

welcome back for the "Posts"

Shantaram said...

@Ram: Thanks! Have to make sure there is daily delivery, now ;)

Rags said...

If you go to the erstwhile Danish settlement of Tranquebar - read that as Tharangambaditoday- that's about 280 kms South of Chennai on the coast, there is a 100 year old Post office and once you get inside, it is evident that time has stood still here.You can see a red cast iron post box that's about the size of my overhead water tank. Let's see if I have a picture of that.


Shantaram said...

@Rags: Thanks! Will wait to see your pic.... or to plan a Tharangambady trip :)