Saturday, May 14, 2011


Of course everyone wants to get together to promote their shared interests. The bigger the business, the more so, I guess. It was probably in this spirit that a few companies got together a little over a hundred years ago to establish the Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Its website today claims inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi's call for swadeshi, but as likely it was the businessmen of the day banding together to ensure they had a common forum to raise their demands with the British government.

Unlike many such associations or industry bodies, the SICCI has gone on for over a century and continues to be relevant. Very soon after its founding, in 1927, it became one of the founders of the country's apex body for such chambers of commerce - the FICCI. 

For me, it was first one of the buildings on the Esplande - all commerce related information came much later. But it was only a few days ago I realized that it is not the "South India", but the "Southern India" Chamber of Commerce and Industry.... the former is a young upstart!

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Anonymous said...

look at the pic...broken wall ...indian make their way however and whereever...

Shantaram said...

@Anon: And lovin' it! :)