Monday, May 9, 2011

Who is this Adam?

This lovely, four-storeyed building on NSC Bose Road, just across from the Flower Bazaar police station, has been gracing the neighbourhood for almost 80 years, now. Yet, there is little information about who the building - the writing on it announces it is Adam's Building in 1923 - was named after and what it it is today.

Google maps indicates it is now a lodging house - if you do not trust that, the sign on the ground floor - Vijaya Lodge - will sway even the most sceptical. It seems a pity that there is little information, for the well maintained facade of this building seems to be inviting us to learn more about it.

Another day, another mystery - until the next time at NSC Bose Road, to ask the manager of Vijaya Lodge if heknows anything about the building's history.



Hi Shantaram,

I think this building could have something to do with the legendary Cutchi Memon, Khan Bahadur Adam Hajee Mohommad Sait. He was a multi faceted personality, a man who held many public positions in Madras including that of Governor of RBI, Madras Province, Sheriff of Madras and President of South Indian Chamber of Commerce.

His general merchandise business started in 1902, Adam Hajee Mohommad Sait and Sons is still around at Bunder Street, a beautiful building standing out amongst a maze of concrete buildings. The business is currently run by his grandson, who may be able to shed light on this building.

P.N. Subramanian said...

I feel like agreeing with Shri Karthik though I have no idea about the who's who of Chennai. I too stumbled upon and took a photograph.

Shantaram said...

@Karthik: Must sit down with your comments and work out a follow up plan.... good stuff!
@PNS: I'm sure Karthik is right, as you say.