Thursday, May 5, 2011

Late fishers

The fishermen on the Marina Beach usually set out to see even before the dawn has cracked. At some unearthly hour, when most of the city sleeps, these fisherfolk push their crafts out, riding the waves before starting their outboards and veering away to their favourite fishing spots. By the time the early walkers have finished their constitutional, the boats are back, bringing in their 3-hour worth of catch which one can buy fresh off the boat.

It was already seven o'clock and this boat was just getting ready to cast off. That too, after a short puja. Turns out these people had, for some reason, not been able to go to work for over a week and it was their first day out after that break. Hence the puja and all that. 

By the time they get back, it will be just in time to get your choice straight from the fishing boat into the frying pan!

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Leif Hagen said...

I think it would be very exciting to go out fishing with them but I have weak "sea legs."