Saturday, March 14, 2009


The garbage dump at Pallikaranai may be stinking, but that doesn't prevent waterbirds stopping there during their winter migrations.

The black specks on the water are black winged stilts. I had never seen one earlier, and then, one Sunday, I got to see a few thousand of them!


Lowell said...

Stilts? I'd guess that's like a gull. Funny so man would show up at once!

Great shot!

Anonymous said...

This is one reason why birds-flu emerge...birds stay in a dirty me? Again, human made these body of waters dirty.

Julie said...

so many birds. almost scary because there are so many. BTW, I am glad you are enjoying the Chihuly art on my website. I am going to continue to post more over time and intersperse the Chihuly eye candy with the desert, interesting cactus, resorts, special events and other photos.

Shantaram said...

@ Jacob: Thanks! Actually, stilts are waders, unlike gulls... they have such disproportionately long legs, which is why the aptonym!

@ xanindia: The jury's out on that one, but yes, there is a human hand, too!

@ Julie: The birds were more nervous than us! Will watch out for all that stuff on your blog!