Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Told you!

Not a sign that you'd expect to see in the midst of the city, isn't it? You've got to remember that Chennai is probably the only city in the world that has a national park right in its midst, completely within the city. The campus of the IIT Madras is next to the Guindy National Park and has a large-ish lake within it.

Who knows what other creatures lurk in the lake!


Lowell said...

Oh boy! We have lots of alligators and they're bad enough. We have a few crocs. Don't like crocs at all!

LVISS said...

Atleast crocs can be seen. I dread the day when they break free.

Shantaram said...

@ Jacob: Can tell the difference, but the feelings towards either are the same, still!

@ lviss: The ones here (if there are any) are as free as they can be!