Saturday, May 10, 2008

Menagerie City - 4

The TPL Building, at the corner of Cenotaph Road and Chittaranjan Road, has a frontage that seems to have been designed for beehives. Even though the building management cleans up the overhang and brings down the hives every once in a while, their number has only gone up. There were 3 when we began keeping track of their growth a couple of years ago and there are now 6; I'm sure we can expect more.

Their resilience is comforting for two reasons: one, that the building management is not completely averse to the hives being there (somebody must be making pocket money from having the honey collected once in a while?) and two, that within a reasonably short distance from the TPL building, there are enough flowers to sustain the growth of six colonies. The second is one more data point to show that Chennai is still not all concrete, there is some jungle, too!

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