Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's that, again?

The Indian Motor Vehicles Act specifies that letters and numerals on a vehicle's number plate must be of a certain size. As with many other legislated limits, these are also broken quite often. As the law does not permit customised number plates (the US allows it - does any other country?), people go to some lengths to stamp their individuality on the number plate also. A variety of fonts, sizes, ornamentation around the plate.... I thought I'd seen them all.

And then this car last evening. He can't possibly have a number plate saying "BOSS" - but that's what it said and I had to lurch across to take a photo. The size of the numerals may not be standard, but it is easily readable - though it takes a moment to figure out it is 6055!

PS: If this is your car - thank you for allowing the picture to continue on this blog. Appreciate your support! If it is not - appreciate your support even more!!


Anush said...

how dare u?!?! and why does it not show me giving the finger to the traffic police? I demand that u cease ur editing business with the fotos tat u click [:P]

quite a catch. Frame it ( it cant be stuffed na? ) [:)]

Shantaram said...

>> crazybugga>>

Jawohl, mein Fuhrer! Oops, that should be Right, Thalaivaa!!