Thursday, June 12, 2014


The summer has been scorching, alright. It might sound trivial to crib about Chennai's temperatures when Delhi has seen record-breaking temperatures, coupled with power outages. At least Chennai has 24-hour electricity (okay, 23 hours and 13 minutes). 

The temptation to get a cold one is very much there during the mornings. But it is quite rare to get chilled beer at the TASMAC shops. In any case, by the time one gets back home, the cold has disappeared. So, in the bid to get to the stuff sooner, a couple of bottles were placed in the freezer. And then, were forgotten about, until the evening.

Thankfully, they did not explode inside the freezer. (Do they ever? Even reading this experiment does not give me an answer). But there is no way I am going to open them when the beer is one solid, frozen mass. Stuck the bottles in a pan of water to get them to thaw, before junking them. And now, I have to wait a while until I get to watch a "cold bottle of beer perspiring on a hot summer day"!

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