Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bridge and bridge

The Line 1 of the Chennai Metro is the longer of the initial two lines, but just a little nose. At about 23 km, it is a kilometre longer than its counterpart. It also has more underground stations, ten of them to Line 2's nine. All those 10 underground stations are in the initial stretch of the Line, up to the Saidapet station. Leaving Saidapet, the train begins its ascent, to climb over the Adyar river and go all the way to the airport.

That's the pale stalk - with a gap - you can see to the right of the Maraimalai Adigalar Bridge in the picture. In a way, it will be one more bridge over the Adyar. But it can't rival its neighbour, the one built by Coja Petrus Uscan in 1726!


Jefferis Evans D'Angelis said...

In 1949, I know my first subway in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have 10 years old Then.
I Wish know the Metro Train in Chennai Now!!!

Jefferis Evans D'Angelis said...

Thank's Shantaram...