Thursday, March 6, 2014


Even in the middle of the city, there are some places that continue to remain rather rustic. Coconut palms - probably planted at a time when folks still believed in a house-and-ground rather than an apartment and UDS - are quite common. And if there are other trees nearby, it is not too difficult an environment for fauna, especially birds, to get by. 

And that's how this Lesser Flameback landed up on the trunk of the palm. He had been visiting this spot off and on, never staying for more than a minute or so before flying off. On this day, he decided to stick around a little longer and examine the suitability of the palm as a residence. Managed to get a couple of long-distance pictures before he moved over to the other side.

Can you spot him? Come on, it shouldn't be too difficult!

Update, March 13: It has been pointed out that there are more than one of the Flameback in this photo. Of course. That's the reason why they spent more time on that day - which was about 4 years ago, and that's my excuse for a poor memory!

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