Monday, February 17, 2014

Toy story

I do not know the number of dedicated toy shops in Chennai. Not having had a need to look for a toy shop in the past few years, I supposed I am past the stage where such information matters to me. But it came back to hit me when the wife and I found ourselves having to pick up toys for a nephew a couple of days ago. In the past, it has always been Landmark, with the decision being which one of their outlets I should go to. 

But that was before the toy store at Express Avenue had opened. This time around, the Landmark options were ignored in favour of a dedicated store for toys and games. Is it the only one in Chennai? I don't think so - there was something called Toys 'R' Here in Nungambakkam, which could possibly lay claim to having been the first such in Chennai. However, they have had to change their name to Mera Baby Shop - and I have no idea if they have had to change their product portfolio as well.

So here is the one at Express Avenue - Hamley's. That larger than life figure welcomes you to the Lego city on the first floor. Went in thinking we know exactly what to buy for the nephew, but even then, ended up spending over an hour browsing through all those toys out there!

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