Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reel life

The AVM Studios at Vadapalani has been around for a few decades. Having been founded in Karaikudi in 1946, the studios moved to Madras a couple of years later. Since then, they have been continuously in operation, making it one of the very few such across the world. The others - mainly Hollywood, I guess - have made the sets and the production facilities into money making ventures by themselves, but it is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, to find any such 'immortalization' of a movie set in India.

Considering that AVM Productions itself has put out 170-odd films, the space in the studios would not have been sufficient to store bits and pieces of those sets, not to mention the ones created for films by other production houses. Also, Indian movies are not overly dependent on sets, preferring to use other, real-life, locales for large parts of the movie. No grand set remains here for star-struck visitors to ogle at. 

The ones that still stand around - like this corner shop - are allowed to be there because they may come in handy for the next film; unlike many other custom-made sets, props such as these can be re-used with a couple of changes and a coat of paint. But I guess some of them are still up there more because of sheer laziness of having to pull them down!

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