Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Chennai's music season is drawing to a close, and as usual, I have missed every concert that was on offer. Of course there was some kind of a list that was drawn up, of where to go to listen to who, but it just remained on paper. All the greats - legends as well as contemporary idols - of Carnatic music performed at the usual spots. 

One of those spots is the Ayyappan-Guruvayoorappan temple at Mahalingapuram. The "gaana gandharvan" of Carnatic music, Padma Bhushan K. J. Yesudas. Since 1974, he has not missed his annual performance at this venue even once - I remember that I first saw him singing here in 1977. Over the last four decades, it has ceased being remarkable that a Roman Catholic unfolds a plethora of devotional, as well as other songs at a Hindu temple. We had landed up at the temple without knowing that it was the Yesudas evening; the only spots free of audience were in front of the sanctums. All attention was focused upon the man with the divine voice. 

I don't think anyone was disappointed that evening. Except us. We had to preserve our 100% record of not attending any concert this season; we were unable to spend any time to listen to the man. But he will be back next year, and Deo volente, so will we!

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