Monday, January 6, 2014

Bladeless fan

You see, Watson, but you do not observe!

As the world’s first consulting detective Sherlock had good reason to be observant. I started looking closely at – observing – the brands of bathroom fittings in airports, cinemas and other public spaces only after our firm started working with one of the manufacturers. Even then, the other paraphernalia in the rest rooms were not bestowed with my attention. Again, it needed a personal connect for the brand to catch my eye. 

I had read a profile of this British inventor a few weeks ago; even that article stood out from the others because a cousin had signed on with the firm a couple of months ago and he was not sure if any of his firm’s products were being used in India. A lot of things coming out of the firm seem to be very cutting edge, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what a ‘bladeless fan’ could be like.

Until a few days ago. The loo at Escape. Suddenly noticed that I could dry my hands in this – the bladeless fan. Dyson Technology calls it the Airblade, but now that I have used it, I can’t figure out how it is significantly different from the wall-mounted hand dryers that one usually sees at such places!


quizzerix said...

Was it coincidence that the post appears on January 6, the birthday of the Master??

Shantaram said...

@Quizzerix: Oh, no! I meant to add a PS about the birthday :(