Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brand launch

Was at a book launch this evening, at the Landmark store in Chennai Citi Centre. It wasn't one of your regular books - this was about how 'SuperStar' has evolved to be a brand and about what product brands can learn from the 'SuperStar'. Titled 'Grand Brand Rajini', it connects different aspects of the man to the field of Brand Management.

On stage (right) are the two authors, PC Bala Subramanian and Ram N. Ramakrishnan. With the mike is the chief guest, a star in his own right, is Balki, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe Lintas (India). Balki was pointing out how 'SuperStar' has becoming a brand by staying true to himself and thereby true to what his 'consumers' expected from him. 

That view was echoed by the fourth person on stage - Lata Rajinikanth, who talked about how the 'SuperStar' was as a person. Anecdotes that only burnished the shine of the 'SuperStar'. With such a launch, I'm sure the book will be a grand success!


Ram's blog said...

Whenever I miss Chennai from the travails of travel that takes me to distant land - I make it a point to visit Chennai Daily Photo. Its refreshing, captures the essence of Chennai and the spirit of its people. Lo Behold, yesterday when I looked at it I saw myself there.........Thanks Mr. Shantaram for telling our story on GRAND BRAND RAJINI. I hope I had the chance to shake hands with you there.....I didnt really know that you were the man whose blog I have been visiting so long to seek solace. Please keep up your good work and quench die-hard Madras fans as me for the years to come......Ram N Ramakrishnan

Shantaram said...

@Ram's blog: Thank you very much for such kind words! Yes, I did have a chance to meet you at the launch. Look forward to many more occasions to catch up!