Wednesday, November 21, 2012

70 mm

Of course the old time Madrasis will not be able to recognize this space. About 50 years ago, there was a different building that came up at this spot - the Anand theatre. It has given way to a shopping complex, just like many other exhibitors from that era. 

G. Umapathy, wanted to make a splash with his new theatre in 1964. And so he brought in the latest in technology; the 70mm movie. It was the first 70mm screen in Madras, beating Safire to the reel on that count. And the two of them vied with each other in bringing the best of the Hollywood to Madras. 

Sadly, neither Safire nor Anand survives today. One hopes that Mr. Umapathy's family retains some part of the history is incorporated in the shopping complex that is coming up....

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