Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday cake

Once upon a time, Bosotto had a hotel. He bought it from his fellow Italian, Giacomo d'Angelis and renamed it the Hotel Bosotto Bros. He did no damage to the reputation of the Hotel d'Angelis and the Governor soon had extended the catering contract to cover Bosotto Bros bakery as well. In 1950, Bosotto decided to move back to his native land and the bakery business was sold to B. Muslapa Chowdhry, who was then the supplier of milk and dairy products to Bosotto's. 

For close to the last 100 years, if not more, Bosotto's has been a name to reckon with in the city's bakeries. Resisting the temptation to expand, Muslapa Chowdhry, his successor M. Subramaniam and then his grandson K. Rajkumar, stayed put in this location on Mount Road. There is only one other outlet, on Nungambakkam High Road, but this is where both the showroom and the manufacturing facility were located.

Bosotto's had the highest point of its popularity 51 years ago. In February 1961, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were visiting Madras. It was Prince Andrews' first birthday and Chief Minister Kamaraj had organized a reception for them at Rajaji Hall. The birthday cake? From Bosotto's, of course!


chennai cakes said...

what is the specialty of Bosotto's Birthday cake ?

Shantaram said...

@Chennai Cakes: The rum? Do tell!

Shreya S Bathrinath said...

Appreciate the nice write up... FYI Late Sri S Bathrinath (Son of Late Sri M Subramaniam) along with Sri M Krishnan, M Gajendran, Late M Chandru , M Kumar & G Kartik were part of the all the work. Please get the facts rights.

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