Thursday, October 18, 2012

In your corner

Tucked away inside Turnbull's Road is this small temple. Called the Bala Vinayagar Koil, it is never crowded; visit it a couple of times and the priests will know your name. A couple of visits more and you would be comfortable giving them your horoscope as well. In short, it is throwback to the days when you go to the temple to be part of the community rather than to merely petition the Almighty for a favour or four.

It was therefore a surprise a few months ago when someone told me that there were archanas being performed in this temple for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to win their IPL match. The surprise was magnified when he told me that they were being done on behalf of N. Srinivasan, the owner of CSK. I was amazed that he even knew about this temple, let alone put so much faith on the deity here. 

I believe that CSK is in need of some divine intervention, the way it is playing in the Champions League right now. Maybe someone should do a puja for them here!

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