Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fresh vegetables

This is a sight that's getting rarer by the day. Madras had large spaces for markets like these, dotting every part of the city. They were all built over 50 years ago and some are almost 100 years old. The Thaneer Thurai market is somewhere in between, and would fall somewhere into the 'medium-size' category for such markets. They're the last-but-one link in the traditional chain of getting vegetables from field to table within a day. (The last link? That's here!).

But such spaces in the middle of the city's commercial areas are too valuable to be left to such markets; many of them have given way to shopping malls or to multi-storied buildings. Roughly 40,000 sqft of space in the middle of Mylapore would send any property developer's heart pumping, so it is a wonder this market still survives.

Not for long, apparently. Many of the stalls in the Thaneer Thurai market are empty, having been vacated by legal proceedings. It is said that the space has been bought up by a large retail store and once they manage to have all the remaining vegetable vendors evicted, it will be curtains for the market!


moochhi said...

yes, this is a real problem. we must have ways and regulations to preserve these spaces

KK said...

The name 'Thanneer thurai', apparently came from the fact that in olden days, the boats carrying vegetables from hinterland would unload here. Looking at the state of the canal now, there's only wishful thinking now about bringing back the waterways.

prasanna venkatesh said...

I miss the market. I have used the pic of the market you have posted in my blog. Hope it is ok. Thanks, Prasanna.