Friday, September 4, 2009

The Eater's Digest - 7

Four Seasons restaurant it may not be, but with four restaurants inside this space, it is difficult to make a decision as to what cuisine you'd prefer for the evening. This space however, started off with just 'Kaaraikudi', bringing the cuisine of the Chettinad region to Chennai, sometime in the 1980s. At a time when most specialty restaurants in the city were looking towards north India (or beyond the borders), Kaaraikudi went south and became a hit almost rightaway.

With more space available in the complex, the choices grew. 'The Dhaba' offers you what you think it does - comfort food from the roadside eateries of north India - Punjab, mainly. 'Shogun' satisfies your craving for Chinese and 'Coastline' is fresh seafood - probably the first restaurant I saw where you could choose your food while it is still alive.

But for all the choice, there is no edging out the main deity here. It is Kaaraikudi and if you have any doubts about that, the faux Ayyannars at the entrance will drive them out of your mind!


J.C. said...

I love south indian cuisine! We have very good banana leaf rice served with variety of delicious curry. My fave would be with varuval chicken. Yum, Yum!

Shantaram said...

@ JC: So no prizes for guessing where you'd go to in this complex!

Anand Narayanan said...

Lip smacking Vazhaipoo Vadai @ Karaikudi, brings back old memories.

Shantaram said...

@ Anand: Thought that Malgudi had a better interpretation of the Vazhaipoo Vadai - close call, either way!