Monday, April 13, 2009


For as long as I can remember, Tamil New Year used to be on April 14; at least, even today, if someone were to ask me about it, the spontaneous answer would be "April 14". But last year was a kind of a double whammy. For starters, Tamil New Year was celebrated on April 13 - okay, it was the 1st of Chittirai of Tiruvalluvar Aandu 2039 - in 2008, throwing a few people off track. And then the Government of Tamil Nadu had announced that, thanks to research by over 500 scholars, the Tamil New Year was being changed to the 1st of Thai, beginning 2009.

Having decided that I would
start this blog on Tamil New Year's day, I was kind of prepared to start on April 13, 2008, even though I had been thinking of the next day. Given all the confusion around the dates, here I was, thinking that today would mark the close of the first year of this Chennai Daily Photo blog and I would begin a New Year tomorrow! Thanks to Ramanan for setting me right - so here's a rather 'unthought of' photo to mark the New Year for this blog!!

That's a picture from the top of St. Thomas Mount - right now, it kind of symbolizes to me that there is so much more about Chennai that remains to be said; the first 365 days have only begun the story.

Thank you all, who have dropped by, stayed on, encouraged, humoured or have suffered through this for the last year.
Just you wait, there is more to come!!


Ram N said...

Hey Congrats ..... on your anniversary. Are we meeting this photowalk?

Raj said...

Shantaram, my best wishes on your anniversary. I enjoy reading your blog and have gained new insights on many of the landmarks of Chennai. Please continue to enthrall us.

Shantaram said...

@ Ram: Thanks... and yes, we did!
@ Raj: Thank you for the kind words! Will try and live up, surely ;)

moochhi said...

hey shantaram, this is a very good 365 days. very good show - some surprising photos of chennai and very, very good comment on its history. it has added to my understanding of chennai being more than a beach and idli dosa place where the sun never hides.
keep up the high quality.

Shantaram said...

@ Moochhi: Thank you!