Sunday, June 25, 2023

Rear view

As you enter Anna Nagar from the Koyambedu side of an evening, you cannot miss the multi-coloured tower of the VR Mall. Make that in plural, even though the traffic does not allow your eyes to wander around to spot the other towers. 

Meant to evoke the temple gopurams that are unique to Tamil Nadu, the multi-coloured towers of the Mall define its entrances. The temple theme is carried on into the mall itself, with its huge temple doors, a massive bell that hangs just inside one of the entrances and similar iconography, the mall deserves a visit to just figure out what it is about. Shopping can wait.

This view is not crowded at all, because it is from inside a gated community adjoining the VR Mall. Walking down to our vehicle, I was struck by the contrast of the sterile white-light inside the complex with the warm and colourful glow from its neighbour!

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