Friday, May 5, 2023

Prime location

They say that location is everything for a hotel. And the junction of Usman Road and Burkitt Road, is a great location to stay at for folks coming in to Chennai to shop for a festival, a wedding or any other occasion. All along Usman Road are shops catering to everything one might need for a wedding, grihapravesam, or any such celebration. 

Hotel Sudhara has been at this location for at least half-a-century, I would guess. The facade seems to be more of an office space than a hotel, but the trick is that it is actually just a facade; step through it to the courtyard inside and the noise drops a few decibels. The well-worn look of the walls make one believe it is the 1960s again. They're pretty self-sufficient with a restaurant and a bar on the inside. The bar was accessible for an impoverished collegian 40 years ago, but I don't think any of today's college kids would go there. 

It is not always that the road in front of Hotel Sudhara is so empty; but looking at this here, it is easy to believe the claim on their website, of being located in a 'serene locality in T. Nagar'. But then, as recently as a few years ago, the owners of this hotel were locked in a dispute with the Metropolitan Transport Corporation; buses from the T. Nagar depot, diagonally across the junction from the hotel, had taken to parking themselves around the hotel in such a way that made it difficult for anyone to get inside. I bet it wouldn't have been so serene then!

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