Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Growing city

This signboard, just past the Guindy railway station, was put in place not very long ago - maybe in the past couple of years. With the Chennai Metro track running over it, it is now just another commonplace sign showing directions to some of the further corners of Chennai. But in an earlier avatar, the signboard here was much more significant. On the side we are facing, it was a "Thank you for visiting" message, while the other side was its counterpart, the welcome to the city. In those days, this sign marked the limit of the Corporation of Chennai.

It was in early 2010 that the Corporation flexed itself and gobbled up quite a few of the local bodies - municipalities, panchayats and town panchayats - from the neighbouring districts of Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram. With that expansion, the area under the Corporation of Chennai more than doubled, going from 174sqkm to 426sqkm. 

The earlier "Welcome / Thank You" sign should have now shifted about 30km further down this road - although the Corporation hasn't got around to putting one such up, I guess!

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