Monday, September 16, 2013

Old station

Take away some of those vehicles in front of the building and this picture can be dated anywhere from the time photography began. The building itself probably pre-dates photography and must have been the same when the first officer took charge here. 

Despite redbrick being the standard colour of official buildings in the British era, the police stations of those times stood out distinctly. I am not sure why I feel so, but I guess it must have been because these were the only single storey structures that had the government redbrick motif. Today, only a few of these original structures remain; most other police stations have been pulled down and rebuilt, with more floors and some approximate abomination of the classic redbrick feel.

The E-2 Royapettah Police Station may go that way soon. But until it does, it commands a unique view at the junction of Gowdia Mutt Road and Thiru Vi Ka High Road. And somewhere behind it was the locality named after masons who worked there - Kallukaranpettai, for stone workers. Maybe to thumb a nose at the police station, Kallukaranpettai became Kolakaranpettai - the locality of murderers!


Shridhar Padmanabhan said...

did not know that it was originally Kallu (stone), and reading it in English, I read - Kallu (toddy) till I read the rest of it. Thanks Shantha!

Shridhar Padmanabhan said...

Shantha, did not know the 'stone' worker connection. I also read it in English as 'Kallu' - toddy, before I read till end of paragraph - super interesting, and thanks!