Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Rajinikanth, birthday

You wouldn't have missed it in Chennai. It was supposedly the first time in over a decade that the SuperStar had stayed in the city on his birthday. He normally spends it in the Himalayas or somewhere similarly far away from the fanmobs.

The picture here is from 2008, when his movie "Kuselan" released. Of all the hoardings there, only one is for the movie itself. The others are from his fan clubs, showing off their prime satellite status.

Possibly the 12-12-12 sequence tempted him to remain in Chennai for his birthday this year. Not many knew that, apparently. A friend from out of town told me that his auto driver offered to take him past Rajini's house and as they passed it, was complaining that Thalaivar does not let his fans celebrate his birthday with him. If only he had known!


Anonymous said...

rajni is rajni :D epic he is :D

Shantaram said...

@shruthi007: Of course! :D