Thursday, August 30, 2012


It is certainly not a very 'descript' building. Like hundreds of others in Chennai, this one too is a just a regularly shaped block of concrete. Being right across the road from the LIC Building on Mount Road, it would have been completely ignored, had it not been for the arresting geometrical pattern on its facade. 

For a few years, that pattern made sure the DBS Bank faced up to its taller neighbour across the road. It could have become an instantly recognisable landmark itself, but apart from the facade, there was little else of interest in the building. One was startled, but one moved on. 

This picture was taken a couple of years ago. Today, you will not be able to get this view. And once the Chennai Metro comes up, those across the street will probably no longer have their eyes jerked towards this colourful structure!




If I am not mistaken, I think this was where AVM's Saraswathi Stores used to be..from where their records business functioned..a place marking the beginning of an empire!!

Shantaram said...

@Karthik: I am sure you aren't mistaken. Saraswathi Stores must have been a landmark long before the LIC Building was thought of!