Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rare, very rare

Can't think of too many 'theme' restaurants in Chennai; Sparky's Diner may be one only because there is no other diner, there are (were?) a couple of movie-themed restaurants a while ago, but the list more or less ends there.

And yes, there was (is?) the Rainforest in Adayar where the sounds of thunder and rain were supposedly more exciting than the food. The Cave, which opened about 6 months ago on Mount Road seems to be from the same folks who came up with Rainforest. Themed as a pre-Stone Age eatery, it certainly let's you know that right at the entrance - the gorilla and assorted monkeys sharing cliff-space with what's meant to be a stone age man. It seems to be that they've got the food part better this time around.

I prefer my meat very well done, though!


lizziviggi said...

How funny! Do you have to club your own mastodon over the head and cook it over a bonfire?

Magesh Kumar J said...

Hey SHANTARAM i luv 2 read ur blog can u write a post on BEST HANGOUT PLACES IN CHENNAI :)

Anonymous said...

This site should be renamed to Chennai Monthly Photo !!!

Shantaram said...

@ Lizziviggi: Haha! And then have all the patrons fight over it! :)

@ Magesh: That'd be enough for a separate blog, wouldn't it? Thanks for visiting and all the best with your blog!

Shantaram said...

@ Anon: Quite disappointing, isn't it? No one more bugged about it than I!!