Thursday, February 4, 2010

Empty station

On the Beach - Tambaram suburban train line, there are some 'important' stations and others which are not so. Chetpet is not one of the important ones - to me it had always seemed to be a station which was placed more to break the monotony of the stretch between Nungambakkam and Egmore than to serve any commercial or even public interest.

Even so, Chetpet station is normally not so empty; it is just that, close to noontime on Sunday, there are just a few people on the platform - and fewer in the train!


Anonymous said...

very useful article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Unknown said...

Hi Shantaram,great work.I am writing a parer on hoardings and advertisements obscuring our urban spaces.I am looking for inputs on the same.Could you give me an email id ,so that I could write to you in detail.Thanks

Karthik Padmanabhan said...

:-( - that's one of my fav stations.

Chetpet was the station I got off and boarded the train every day while at school (studied at Union Christian). It was bustling at least then. The entire MCC school crowd used it. So, did the Kilpauk medical college guys.

The lake and the 'island' used to be a great backdrop then.

Shantaram said...

@ Anon: if you insist,!

@ Deepi: Thank you for stopping by and for the comments. Have mailed you separately...

@ KP: Hey, good to see you here! The lake / island has completely disappeared now, hasn't it?