Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look out, above!

The idea was to get disabled-friendly, I guess. A ramp leading to an elevator which goes up to the overhead road crossing will certainly help senior citizens and those on wheel chairs to get across to the other side.

The shutters are still locked up, waiting for a formal inauguration. Would they open to allow everyone in? Or is there someone going to watch over the entrance and open it only for those who "really need" to use the elevator? Does anyone use this crossing at all?

Actually the first person who used the new construction was someone who got on top of it last week and threatened to jump off - luckily the Fire Service personnel got him before he leapt!


Julie said...

i love to see construction projects.

Shantaram said...

Julie: I'm sure this 'lift to no-one' would have intrigued you as well! Merry Christmas!!

workhard said...

Well with the way anything works in our beloved country.. the elevator should die out within a monthor two and never get repaired....

Sorry for the sarcasm ;)

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