Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home by the sea

It is not really a pleasant walk northwards from Besant Nagar Beach. Just where the 'popular' stretch of the beach ends is Olcott Kuppam, a fishing village which is normally un-noticed by all those visiting the beach. A few people keep walking, hoping to see some of the birds which stay inside the thick, almost jungle-like grounds of the Theosophical Society (TS). Those grounds come almost all the way down to the beach; the stone wall marking the boundary has in places been overrun by the vegetation from within.

There are birds around, alright. Drongos, lapwings, a few bee-eaters, a juvenile brahminy kite trying out its wings - and then, all on a sudden, the treeline is broken by a building. The first sighting makes it appear more spooky than it really is. Now, look at how secluded it is within the TS campus itself, in this aerial view (yes, that's the one the '+' is on). It will take nerves of some kind of steel to stay alone in this house, especially on a new-moon night - but the grand view and the sound of the waves will surely make it worthwhile!


Shanks of India said...

I am told that the name change to CHENNAI has not been officially approved through a Government Order. So, Madras is still the official name. - Shanks

Unknown said...

Dear Shantha,
Just read the older blog on kids grafitti, you may have covered the walls in saidapet being painted by the Pro's , if not do it....beautiful Art on the walls instead of ugly posters and much more.

Shantaram said...

@ Shanks: Is that right? Any reference, or is that just urban legend? Will have to follow up on that, now!

@ Mohan: Yes, I've seen those walls, right up to Nandanam... they're still at it, so will wait until they complete!