Thursday, December 4, 2008

Enter over, now

Heading back into the city from the airport this morning, we took a different route over the grade separator at Kathipara. This time around, with all the links at Kathipara fully functional, we could actually go over towards Jawaharlal Nehru road, rather than ducking under, as we did six months ago.

Now that all the construction debris is hidden from view, it is a nice sight for all the corporate types to see - a swank interchange, one arm of which leads you to a set of rather techie looking buildings. And all those traffic holdups as you enter the city, they're now a dim memory of the past!


Jane Hards Photography said...

I am just not used to motorways anymore living on an island.

Shantaram said...

>> Babooshka>> Aren't you the lucky one! Wouldn't mind trading places.... for a little while, anyway!