Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dance competition

The poster is pretty clear, isn't it - or is it? In these days when almost every business around is going slow on hiring, why wouldn't one respond to a 'wanted' ad? No matter that it almost sounds underworld-ish in wanting 'kuthhu' (to stab) dancers rather than 'koothhu' (performance) ones. The line clarifying that it is only a competition highlights the edginess. And anyone from 14 to 60? What kind of competition is that? Oh, it is for Vasanth TV! But wait a minute, isn't there some ban on children below 16 participating in such shows?

Then, someone tells me that I'm over the hill. Koothhu is old fashioned, kuthhu is what this dance is all about. (Can't you see the models getting ready to execute that perfect round arm swing, which would end in the pointy end of the knife punching through whatever material is in its path?). And, you old fuddy-duddy, there is no ban, just some people like you overreacting to a one-off incident!

Whatever it be, it just shows that 'reality shows' like these competitions are among the easiest to produce - so hey, if I want the TRPs, I'll let everyone participate on TV!


chorinchath said...

This kuthu brings to my mind the picture of a Malayali devotee praying before a Ganapathy deity when a lady behind him told her son to do kuthu- to hit both sides of his head with his folded palm in front of the deity-.Bewildered he suddenly turned back to see whether somebody was going to stab him.

LVISS said...

100 % TN stuff. No globalisation or outsourcing .Kuthu became popular via the cinema and is now an integral part of any dance show.

Shantaram said...

>> Chorinchath>> And he must have prayed extra hard!

>> Ravindran>> Absolutely. 100% TN stuff... Like those words on the poster - "Petarap"; "Repeatu"