Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Oh yes, it has been raining off and on, still. Mostly nights, but there are some afternoon spells, too. Was going over my set of recent 'rain pictures' when I found this one. I had thought it was not a great picture, but today, something else struck me.

We drive on the left of the road; at least most of the time, we drive on the left-ish side of the road. On a rainy day, especially when the road shoulders start flooding, street wisdom is to take the middle path - chances of some fresh cut ditches on the side of the road are always high and the rain water would obviously hide them. Most drivers therefore prefer to not take the chance of their vehicles getting stuck in a rut and the middle-of-the-road approach becomes commonplace. And we did it too, even though this road we were on was not flooded. As we approached a T-junction, I saw this car coming from our left, while we were to turn right. The picture taken through the windshield is fuzzy for obvious reasons - there was a drizzle going on. Both cars crossed and went our ways without any fuss.

It was only after we crossed that I realized we had had each other on the left as we passed! Both vehicles had taken the path of least distance, rather than go around to each other's right!


Jane Hards Photography said...

A very familiar sight to us in the UK. We have had such a wet summer.

puyal said...

You are right. We forget to follow road rules many times due to many reasons. Only when something happens blame game begins!. Do visit my blog to view more of such things.

Shantaram said...

>> Babooshka>> Hope you're enjoying it!

>> Puyal>> I'd like to believe that we mutually negotiated the rules on this occasion! But yes, we could do with a lot more traffic sense!