Monday, May 1, 2023

Parking up

Any of us who has driven around trying to find a suitable parking spot would be glad to learn of any solution that trebles or even quintuples the number of parking slots available. Multi-level parking solutions are meant to do just that. These systems have been in use for quite a few years now, but they've been mostly out-of-sight-out-of-mind; I'm happy that my car is being parked, but I just don't want to visualise it as having two other vehicles on top of it. And these kind of parking systems obliged for the most part, keeping the sight of cars stacked one over the other well hidden. 

Even the multi-level automated public parking on Pondy Bazaar was housed inside a building that one couldn't see into from the street. You leave your car at the east gate and whenever you're ready, you will get it coming out from the west gate. What goes on inside is something like magic.

It was at the AGS Cinema on GN Chetty Road that I first remember seeing this parking with the skin stripped off. And that seems to be becoming popular now; here is one more such open parking, with 6 levels available. Squeezed into a small space between two flats, it must be for customers of one of the many shops along Usman Road. I would still be nervous seeing my vehicle at the top level of one of these - what about you?!



Stefan Jansson said...

Looks a bit messy. I prefer my bicycle, easy to park also.

Shantaram said...

Lucky you, Stefan! :)