Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tech park

The second big IT park promoted by the Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation was the ITPC - the International Tech Park, Chennai. But very few refer to this facility by that name, preferring to address it by the name of TIDCO's partner for this venture: Ascendas. 

Covering approximately 2 million squarefeet of built up space, ITPC is located close to TIDEL Park, TIDCO's earlier venture. Unlike TIDEL, which is one building with four towers, Ascendas has three separate units: Pinnacle, Crest and Zenith. Again unlike TIDEL, the buildings of Ascendas are close to the road - which makes it feel like just another office building. It lacks the sense of awe that TIDEL invokes in a first-time visitor.

For all that, Ascendas is still a swanky address for a new-age company. At least to that extent, it has gone ahead of its bigger brother, the TIDEL Park!

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