Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flying saucers

Because 'Frisbee' is a trademark, this tournament is called the 'Ultimate'. Started four years ago, the Chennai Heat is truly the ultimate in throwing that flat disc around. You may have tossed it around for fun, but for the sixteen teams that took part in this year's edition - the 5th - of the Ultimate tournament, it is serious business. How serious? Well, seven of the competing teams are from parts other than Chennai.

If you thought frisbee was meant for the beach, think again. "Ultimate Soldiers of Punjab" is a team from Ludhiana that has taken part in the competition. At least the "Desert Dreamers" from Rajasthan had a lot of sand to run around on, even if they lacked a shoreline. Wonder how "Dishqiya" (Hyderabad), "Stray Dogs in Sweater" (New Delhi) or "DisCreed" (Coimbatore) practiced for the tournament this year.  

Considering that no team from outside Chennai has won in the last three years (the inaugural edition was won by "Learning to Fly" from Bengaluru), it must have been quite a leap of faith for all those Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru teams to come in this year. They played well, but "Stall7" from Chennai retained the title they won last year. Maybe all those other teams are made up of transplanted Chennaiites who use the matches as an excuse to visit their hometown?

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