Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fork in the road

From the pedestrian overbridge near the Fort railway station, it is a wonderful view out to the south and the east. To the left, heading south-ish. is Muthuswamy Road, on which the present-day 'zero point' of Chennai is placed. That road will take you to Mount Road, or if you would like to get a bit of the sea breeze, all the way down to the War Memorial and then on to the Marina.

If you choose to go west, you get on to the General Hospital Road and the chance to pass by the Chennai Central - so if the fancy chooses you, you can exchange road for rail and reach a whole lot of places. If you ignore the Central's charms, you will head down Poonamallee High Road, eventually reaching Bengaluru.

Me, I'd just like to stand up here and watch the city!


Anonymous said...

Which one of the road that won't get you killed driving?
Which one is used more by Loonie
Truck drivers, insane speed testers?
I like your option better!

Ravages/CC said...

That spot is one of my 10 most favourite locations to stand and watch traffic in Madras. It is beautiful and calming and very, very, very Madras.